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Meet the Owner of Pretty Worthy 

Owner and Founder of Pretty Worthy, Rosemarie Zack currently resides in Las Vegas, NV where she has created a small niche for herself with her bathing suit creations. Back in the hot summer of July in 2018, she launched her swim wear company in an epic photo shoot of photographing thirteen beautiful woman, all showcasing their gorgeous bodies from sizes small to 5XL. Which you can view here: on YOUTUBE. This year, it will be 24-sensational women involved with her 2022 campaignLife is to be expressed and to simply enjoy the skin you're in. The method of creativity behind this second launch is due to several factors. As she moved to the MidWest for a few short years, and now has relocated back to the West in Sin City, whereas she states: "This is where the manifestation of energy and creativity begins for her!"

Believe it or not, Rosemarie is a licensed Esthetician, a poet (about to be published with her book of prose), and Reiki l, ll & lll Certified. Also, involved in building a team of women and business owners to increase their financial revenue, health and well-being. With this bathing suit business - well, this is just for fun. "It's about having the luxury of expressing yourself, and what better way to do that is with my collection of swimwear." ~ Rosemarie Zack

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Why bathing suits?

It's all about letting go of your inhabitations of how you appear, and not worrying how your hair or makeup looks, and even a little bit of perspiration sweat. There are days, you just gotta' chill and relax and be a kid again. It's about liberation of the mind and body and to see yourself beautiful no matter what size body type you are. Even when we were children, quite frankly, I never gave damn about what I looked like when I was around eleven years old. I can recall back in my youth when I would happily wear a one-piece that my mother purchased from Kmart or even Sears (because back in the 70's there honestly was not much of a selection in clothing or department stores), and I had this bright navy blue one-piece with a white parallel stripe on each side, I thought it was awesome then!


As a Midwestern suburban kid, I ran around in public just wearing flip flops and my bathing suit, and not a care in the world of what I looked like, yet, even as my mother would force me to wear sunscreen on my face when on the beach during a holiday visit. These images were taken in July of 1978 during our 2-week vacation in Maui and then in Kauai. It was pure bliss, and that is what I want to represent in my Pretty Worthy 2022 launch - just to feel "pure bliss" and "feeling worthy and pretty" in our own skin as adults. Obviously, it's not a blue campaign of swim wear, yet Red and Black represent personal vigor, female power and a touch of elegance

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*On the beaches of Maui and Kauai in 1978 with my family. 

Do you want to be Happy? Really "happy".. I've got something 4u

For me, freedom of life is to do anything that I want, when I want. And with my trained intuition, I have learned to manifest the things I desire in life. You know, when you "Ask, Believe & Receive" the Universe for things, and then they become real for you. Want to know how you can do it, too

Let me ask you: "Do you want to be able to know how to manifest anything in your life?" Truly manifest your dreams, wants and desires into this thing called reality. It seems when we get what we want, it brings elevated emotions of feeling happy. Yet, happiness is just a chemical emotion, and we tend to feel "happiness" when things typically work out for us, however our emotions immediately change when something goes wrong. And then that Happ-i-ness turns to frustration or even sadness and depression. Most people struggle with this on a daily basis. What if you could change it now? 


  • What if you could control your emotions on a daily basis to be happy, naturally?

  • What if you could be taught the basics of manifesting what you want?

  • What if you could be learn how to manifest in less than 1-hour?

Connect with Rosemarie, and she will spend a one-on-one coaching time with you via Zoom to give you the basics of manifestation, so that you can begin using it today!

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