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Meet Our Model: Minu


Minu has a very beautiful name, and it is pronounced "me-new", and as intrigued as I was to know how to say it correctly, I even looked up what the meaning was as it represents "heaven and paradise". That is a breathtaking name! Minu has a very spunky and receptively inviting attitude in life, and the first moment we spoke over the phone I admired her right from the get-go. She talked about being happily married to a wonderful man and celebrated their twenty-fifth anniversary last year, along with being the proud parent of her two amazing boys (and from the images she shares on Facebook, it is clearly obvious what an incredible mother she is). From the glorious images she has taken, it is apparent she is an avid traveler and truly knows how to enjoy life with her dear family and friends. Also, she told me about her three dogs named Fantasia, Roxy and Tito. Her motto is "Life is Good" and just by knowing her for this brief time, I can see why her attitude of embracing all that comes her way is so natural. She also keeps very active outdoors and has a beautiful figure, as well as her life seems to be full of kindness and gratitude. For me, I absolutely admire women who are like that - you know, the ones like her who are organically down to earth and showcases a heart of gold to everyone she meets. 

Follow Minu:

Instagram: @mystylesyou

Facebook: CAbi Craze with Minu


  • "Why are you involved in this Red+Black Campaign for Pretty Worthy?"

I like to challenge myself, move beyond my comfort zone, and do something unexpected. This campaign offered me that opportunity.

  • "Do you often wear bathing suits? And what is the type of suits you like to wear most?"

Yes, I usually wear a two piece because my body proportions make buying one pieces complicated.

"Tell me something beautiful that you LOVE about your body."

Like lot of people, I go through stages of loving/hating my body. I find that the key is to take care of it and it will take care of you. 


  • "Tell us something personal or funny about yourself? Anything you wish to share."

It really isn't funny, but I do what I can to stay positive and feel laughing is the best medicine, so I am always looking for humor in everything.

  • "Even if you work for someone else and you would like to tell us what you do for a living, please share with us."

I am the global marketing manager for a large pharma company working with cosmetic and home care product manufacturers on their product quality control.


  • "Do you have a business that you would like to share with us, or what you do for a living? We would love to hear about it."

However, I am also a Cabi stylist. I enjoy helping women feel their best with Cabi's fabulous clothes. 

  • "What do you do for fun in Vegas? Any special hot spots you like to go to?"

Anything with my family, we love to walk/run together, go to the movies, just being outdoors and soaking up the sun.

  • "Do you have a favorite vacation spot that you have traveled to?"

I am lucky that I have been able to do a lot of domestic and international travel.

  • "What exotic place would you like to travel to in the future? And who would you bring?"

But the one place I would love to go in the future is the Greek Isles. I would take my husband for sure, but love to be able to take my boys too. Event though they are grown I always love every minute I get to spend with them...always a lot of laughs.


  • "What does this bathing suit campaign mean to you? Does it give you some sort of empowerment?"

What this campaign means to me: I love that this campaign is embracing women of all ages and shapes. It is definitely outside my comfort zone, but if I can tackle this challenge and embrace my own body at my age then maybe I can inspire other women to do the same.


  • "What makes you unique in life?"

All my little quirks make me unique. The real challenge is to be proud of those quirks because they make me unique instead of hiding them just to blend in.

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