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Meet Our Model: Nikki


How do I explain Nikki within one hundred words or less? Well, to begin she is so approachable to connect with, and I enjoyed our initial conversation over the phone the first time we spoke. But when I met her in person, she was this fireball of dynamic energy that you would think she was a social-lite celebrity somewhere. And she is. She is everywhere and has the warmth of personality that is welcoming, and humorously funny and loves what she has accomplished in this point of her life. Oh yes, and so proud of her gorgeously tall son. Her eyes and heart lit up when she spoke of him, while sharing her phone photos with me. From my standpoint, she has her hands in the honey pot of stellar collaboration as a makeup artist, as well as with her skills as a hair stylist and spray tanner. Which every woman needs to be pampered this way. What I love about her the most, besides her funky blond hair that has a character of its own, is that she came in wearing these studiously artistic black rimmed round glasses - and as simple as that sounds, I was hooked to know more about her. If I had her in a room full of my beautiful girls, she without question would be the life of the party. Yet, when we sat on my bed after the fitting, her heart was humble towards me, and she listened intensively while giving me a loving and beautiful shoulder to lean on. 

Follow Nikki:

Instagram: @beautyinvegas


  • "Why are you involved in this Red +Black Campaign for Pretty Worthy?"

What interests me is the cause and the people. 

  • "Do you often wear bathing suits? And what is the type of suits you like to wear most?"

Yes. In the summer, obviously. I usually wear one pieces and wear the color red and black. Those are my favorite colors, actually. 


  • "Tell me something beautiful that you LOVE about your body."

My legs. They are long and still shapely.

  • "Tell us something personal or funny about yourself?"

I have something funny instead of personal. I will tell you a funny story. This is funny about me: because I am very forgetful. So, several years ago when my son had an iPad, when I took it away from him, I forgot where I put it for three years. My husband found it when he was cleaning out something. I had no idea where he found it; he won't tell me. I took it away because he was misbehaving. I think he still has it. I mean we are talking years ago; this is one of the first iPads that ever came out. Because he is seventeen now, and I am talking like this was probably 10 years ago. 

  • "Do you have a business that you would like to share with us, or what you do for a living? We would love to hear about it."

I am a makeup artist, hair stylist and spray tan technician. I am open 24/7 and I am also mobile. And I work in media. I work in the entertainment industry. So, I do weddings, I do special effects and I just finished working on a Netflix movie. That was my third Netflix movie. We are not allowed to disclose until they are out. And you can see some of my work on my Instagram and my website Beauty in Vegas. 

  • "What do you do for fun in Vegas? Any special hot spots you like to go to?"

Sleep. (haha) 

  • "Do you have a favorite vacation spot that you have traveled to?"


  • "What exotic place would you like to travel to in the future? And who would you bring?"

Peru and I would bring my husband and my son. My son is dying to climb Machu Picchu. We are thinking about doing that for his senior graduation from high school. 

  • "What does this bathing suit campaign mean to you? Does it give you some sort of empowerment?"

It gives me a sigh of relief. That it is okay to be me. And not have to worry about being judged or nervous that I'm the one that is not perfect. 

  • "What makes you unique in life?"

I don't beat around the bush. 

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