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Meet Our Model: Rashiemah aka "Shiem"


Rashiemah is so beautiful in soul as well as outer beauty, and the first moment we met on the phone, I knew she was spiritually powerful as a woman within her lovely voice of kindness and delightful energy. We have not met in person, as I type this out, yet just being introduced to her over the phone I sensed an immediate connection and felt like we had known one another before. For she is quite easy to converse with and to get to know. Also, she is humbly sensitive in nature where her inner beliefs go deep towards life, matched with a profound heart of open-hearted humanity. And by the term "sensitive" I mean delicate, and politely courteous with a sweet voice to compliment her outer beauty. When the photo shoot happens for the bathing suit campaign, and we then have the pleasure to meet in person, most likely I will be more descriptive with her characteristics. As for now, I feel blessed to have crossed paths with another woman who cares about life and the world she lives in.

Follow Rashiemah on Instagram @buddaflyy78

  •  "Why are you involved in this Red+Black Campaign for Pretty Worthy?" 

I am involved because I love the reason for this campaign, celebrating all women & letting us know you’re beautiful & pretty worthy human, no matter what! 

  • "Do you often wear bathing suits? And what is the type of suits you like to wear most?"  

I don’t often wear bathing suits, but when I do it’s usually a one piece or a monokini.

  • "Tell me something beautiful that you LOVE about your body." 

I love my full lips - I used to think they were too big & unattractive, but now I embrace my God given puckers LOL.

  • "Tell us something personal or funny about yourself? Anything you wish to share." 

I almost tried out for jeopardy tv show as in friend & family circles I dominate :) fun fact I have watched Jeopardy since I was 5 years old - till this day it’s still my fav show! 

  • "Even if you work for someone else and you would like to tell us what you do for a living, please share with us."  

I am a mortgage industry professional & I love the part I play in helping borrowers achieve home ownership.

  • "What do you do for fun in Vegas? Any special hot spots you like to go to?" 

For fun, I love to hang out with friends & dine & drink at different restaurants & go see live music!  


  • "Do you have a favorite vacation spot that you have traveled to?" 

Thus far, the Bahamas & Hawaii - best is to watch their sunsets -one of most beautiful things ever.


  • "What exotic place would you like to travel to in the future? And who would you bring?" 

I would love to go to Bora Bora or Maldives- girls trip or romantic vaykay with a handsome companion.


  • "What does this bathing suit campaign mean to you? Does it give you some sort of empowerment?"

I think this swimsuit campaign is empowering & promotes body positivity & always loving the skin you’re in.

  • "What makes you special or unique in life?"

What makes me special is being beautifully flawed & appreciating my journey in evolving to a better human being every day.

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