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Meet Our Model: Tammie


Before even speaking with the alluring Tammie, I instinctively knew she was a powerful woman in the way she presented herself. Almost fierce. You know when you cross paths with an individual who seems to have it all together with her contributions of diverse attributes of experience. Even before I knew what she did, it was this amazing second nature of feeling that I sensed she was quite accomplished. And not by assumption, but by the wondrous vibration of energy she naturally has. Have you ever heard of a person walking into a room, without saying a word, and that person can literally change the energy of the room without speaking one word? Well, that is Tammie. She is transforming. It was her sense of female fire burning deep within her that I was mystified by, even before we had spoken. And by "fire" meaning this Goddess energy of valor, honor and compassion, that flows through her vibration of physical form as a woman. Once we did have the opportunity to chat over the telephone, her strength of voice put it all together; deep, rich and magical vibes echo from this magnificent diva.  

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Instagram: @carter1creations

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  • "Why are you involved in this Red+Black Campaign for Pretty Worthy?"

I am fearfully and wonderfully made. My age, skin color, length of hair, degrees, height, weight, or social status does not define me. I love the way I look and how I feel in the skin I’m in!

  • "Do you often wear bathing suits? And what is the type of suits you like to wear most?"

I prefer a one piece with high fashion design and feel. 


  • "Tell me something beautiful that you LOVE about your body."

I love all 5’4” of me. But if I just have to pick. My lips!

  • "Do you have a business that you would like to share with us, or what you do for a living? We would love to hear about it."

I’m an advocate for having several streams of income. My 9 to 5 is in education. I am a special education coordinator. My streams include beauty salon owner operator, jewelry designer, personal organizer, motivational speaker, investor, special education advocate. 

  • "Do you have a favorite vacation spot that you have traveled to?"

I’m a self care guru! Lol!  Relaxing is priceless and I do just that at any given opportunity. 

  • "What does this bathing suit campaign mean to you? Does it give you some sort of empowerment?"

Love the empowerment concept. If anyone is watching and there is always someone watching. I hope I can spark a fire in another woman to love herself no matter what!

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