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Meet Our Model: Tifani


Tifani has got to be one of the most impressionable women I have met in Vegas when I first moved here. For the life of me, I cannot remember who referred her to me, but I was looking for a makeup artist and was given her name, and from the moment we met her vision of fierce beauty was imprinted on my mind. By "fierce" I mean that she had so much insatiable confidence of femininity, so super smart and had the brightest smile you have ever seen. She was glowing from the inside out. And her makeup.. well, it was on point. When she walked through that door to greet me, it was like she brought the yellow sun inside, full of rainbows with her that day at the local coffee shop. With one of my lingerie projects that I did, I asked her to be involved, and she was in my art video. A few years passed and I remember reaching out to her, once again asking her to be a part of a black bathing suit 2018 campaign, along with a bevy of other beautiful women. Tifani was so gracious to accept and was even in the KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas news media when I was interviewed that year. Her kindness towards me is outstanding.  So here we meet once more, and Tifani gladly agreed to be a part of my current campaign. With credible notes, this super star of a makeup artist has done a menagerie of clients with bridal, fashion and print and offer private tutorial services. She is certainly someone to know, and honored to call her my friend. 


Follow Tifani:

Instagram: @heytifani

Business link: Concierge Makeup

  •  "Why are you involved in this Red+Black Campaign for Pretty Worthy?" 

Inclusivity- body positivity is celebrating ALL sizes.

  • "Do you often wear bathing suits? And what is the type of suits you like to wear most?"  

I have multiple drawers of swimsuits and might have a small addiction lol- You pretty much always catch me in a bikini.

  • "Tell me something beautiful that you LOVE about your body." 

It carries me thru my adventures- Its beautiful and tells a story that is just mine. 


  • "Tell us something personal or funny about yourself? Anything you wish to share." 

Originally from Alaska- we had no plus size stores growing up- I would wear clothes from the men's section because that is all that fit- one day I came across an online plus size store and went back to school in a velvet duster with a feather lapel- I've never looked back!

  • "Do you have a business that you would like to share with us, or what you do for a living? We would love to hear about it."

 I am a renowned makeup artist and the owner of Concierge Makeup

  • "What exotic place would you like to travel to in the future? And who would you bring?" 

Jamaica! I'm going for the birthday in Sept (10) I want to show the girl struggling in her small or big town that she can be proud and confident regardless of her size.


  • "What does this bathing suit campaign mean to you? Does it give you some sort of empowerment?"

I think this swimsuit campaign is empowering & promotes body positivity & always loving the skin you’re in.

  • "What makes you special or unique in life?"

I always want to treat everyone with love and kindness- you never know what a 5 second smile or compliment can do.

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