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Press Release for Pretty Worthy

Who am I? 

My name is Rosemarie Zack, and I have been involved in artistry projects since I have been in my early twenties, which give me the accumulated talent of over 30 plus years of creating various businesses to express my love for design. Design in the sense of sewing unique chef hats in the past as an example, along with hand painting on silk scarves, manufacturing a small line of woven hats and knitted scarves, hand pouring soy candle making, soap making and a plethora of other businesses such as starting a company with bespoke menswear back in 2015. "Why so many things?" I continually ask myself the same question when I begin another venture. Life to me has to be on a continuum of expansion with my creativity. As I seem to move from one thing to the next, after the completion of an idea made tangible.


Even though I am a licensed Esthetician and specialize in skin care as well as rejuvenation of the body, I also have complete certification with the full levels of Reiki l, ll and lll Certified. Everything begins within the soul, and my drive and energy for life follows the principle of this celestial energy. Meaning, that I feel without saying this with ego, that I have the ability to manifest anything that I want from the accord of “Ask, Receive, Believe”. Yet, when it comes to the “manipulation of manifestation” I am asking the Universe in a humbled judicious and constructive way, while putting out the most positive vibration of energy towards Source. In knowingness that my synergy comes back to me, while reflecting a better humanity throughout my world, I feel I have done my part with my destiny. For my close friends who really know me, will innately understand that I always talk about “energy” and “energy healing” and want to basically converse about changing the world within ourselves to alter the earth itself. The supreme nature of love and a positive force from within, can literally move mountains.  

My 2 words are energy & God

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Why bathing suits?

What is this campaign about? 

Plain and simple: “To express yourself in swimwear and loving the skin you’re in”.  

In order for me to make a splash and relaunch my business Pretty Worthy, the secret to my success has always been giving something away. Originally, this was just supposed to be a simple three-woman photo shoot, but as you can see, I have a total of 29 women participating in modeling for my campaign. Because of scheduling and the number of beautiful bodies that I have to film in swim wear, I broke it up in a 2-day shoot. Where on May 28th and June 4th I will be taking pictures of all of my sensational models for this campaign. My women range in sizes from small to 4xl and even in the age category the scale is quite diverse. Where my youngest is 17 years old, as her lovely mother is chaperoning her during this shoot, as well as up to the gorgeous age of 55 years young. This has to be one of the most picturesque photoshoots I have created, about the empowerment of being a woman.  

Plus, I am also photographing a beautiful transwoman. However, I truly do not like to separate the two categories of gender or pronoun, for she is a dynamic soul who lives so open about who she is, and she is a part of our feminism power of being female.

My mission with this campaign is to let ourselves relax and embrace the glorious inner and outer gifts we possess and to express this in our individual beauty. To be conscious and to feel deeply alive in the skin we are in RIGHT NOW, in the present breath of life.

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*Rosemarie Zack and her bathing suit beauties.

"I believe we have to live in the moment and to embrace the revelation of being alive. Truly alive and free in our expression, and to feel invigorated of what we have become at any age."