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This page is temporarily up for my lovely ladies who wish to model for me for the RED+BLACK Campaign, that will be taking place to photograph in Las Vegas, Nevada near the mural section of the city. For those who are interested, please text or call Rosemarie at 312-502-0666, or email at or connect with me on Facebook and click here or the button below.  Because there are many women interested, it is important to have direct communication with those who are interested. 

TERMS for my Models

Choose Suits

Please select the suits you are interested in wearing for the photo shoot. Please forward me the: (1) No., (2) NAME (3) Size. There is no minimum to how long your list is. The reason for doing this, I will try to accommodate you with the bathing suits you like, there will be a minimum of 2 bathing suits you will be receiving for the photo shoot as a "trade shoot". A trade shoot is just that, YOU are trading your time to be involved in this campaign, and there is no financial compensation. If you are interested to participate, I will forever be grateful. 

All submissions for your choices of bathing suits must be given to me by Monday, April 4, 2022, so that I can place the order and have it shipped. Therefore, select all of the suits you like, and provide me with the #/name/size.


Send the LIST or SCREEN SHOOT them to my phone at 312-502-0666 or email me at  

Date of Shoot

This photo shoot will be in May of 2022, and will be decided AFTER we get the exact dates that can accommodate everyone. If we have a larger amount of women wanting to participate, there may be a photo shoot in early June.  PLEASE text Rosemarie at 312-502-0666 the days/times that you will be available for a photo shoot in May, and then she will narrow it down to the availability of everyone. Most likely there will be 2 photo shoots to accommodate most everyone.  

If you cannot make the date that is finalized, I am still going to personally photograph you. And your image of you and the bathing suit, will be added to the category of swim wear. 

(1) Once the suit order is given to my manufacturer for these suits, I will then have an estimated day that we will photograph. Thank you for your patience. 

Trade Shoot

This campaign is a "trade shoot" which means that there is no financial pay to have you participate in the event. This is where you "trade" your time, in exchange for 2 bathing suits and access to the photographs taken. We appreciate your patronage. 

The Fit of the Bathing Suits

When deciding on a bathing suit, it is a hard process because this is being done from the images that have been provided. Because of the fit, the material and the color - when the bathing suit is in hand, we may not always care for the choices made. For the fact that there are so many bathing suits to select from, I do not wish to overlap the suits with duplicate choices. IF you get your bathing suit, and you don't like it, I will have others on hand for you to try. My goal is for you to be happy with your suit, but the mission here is to have a collaboration of beautiful women in these red and black bathing suits and to make a statement of our unity together. If you really do not like your suit and you feel it's not completely flattering on you, please just put on a smile and try your best. 


After the campaign, you will be receiving a third suit of your choice, after you see the product samples in person, to decide which one is for you.  

Post & Tag

The purpose of this campaign photo shoot is to re-launch my Pretty Worthy business, by giving away a "free" bathing suit, as the participate pays for shipping + handling fees. When I launch it will be a 48-hour campaign.


Yet, the photo shoot is similar to my 2018 Black Bathing Suit Campaign, where I did give away a "free" bathing suit, yet it was about "loving the skin you're in", no matter what beautiful body type we are. Therefore I showcased small sized models to my plus size models. It was a beautiful event, and I would like to do it again with your help.

Your job as a model for this launch is to SHOUT OUT what we are doing on your Social Media channels. And if you would like to be a model for this photo shoot, we ask that you (1) promote the "free suit" campaign, (2) post and tag on your Facebook, and your Instagram account. If you have other social media accounts like Twitter or TikTok, please share the post. And tag me at @prettyworthy  

I appreciate you, Rose XOXO

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